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Concierge Care

We want you to have the best service!

Concierge medicine is your answer to efficient, timely, and personalized healthcare. You have secure instant messaging directly to your physician, more comprehensive physical exams, and longer appointment times than industry standard. 


Concierge members of EnVogue Med & Wellness pay a much lower monthly or annual fee than most concierge practices. In addition, your health insurance is used for billable services. Your membership can be used for primary care, medical weight management, or both.  What a deal! 

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Primary Care


Medical Weight Management

What is the minimum


  • Monthly memberships require a minimum of only three months. Annual memberships are non-refundable but benefit from a 15% discount. Thereafter, you can cancel anytime with at least 7 days notice before the next billing date.

How Does Concierge

Medine Benefit Patients?

  • Timely communication with your physician between visits addresses your medical needs efficiently and more cost effectively.  

  • Facilitates the development of a personal bond between you and your physician.

  • Smaller patient panels means appointments are not rushed and it is much easier to make appointments. In comparison, you wait on average 20 days for a traditional healthcare appointment. 


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