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Types of Low Carb Diets: Choose your plan

Going low-carb looks is unique for each person, depending on how you approach it and on how your body type can adapt to it. There are some diets which people are more attuned to and others, not. Here are a handful you may consider.


Keto Diet 

This is the strictest plan, requiring you to eat less than 50 g of carbs per day and up your fat. This is considered as one of the most popular form of diet and this has even went viral due to celebrities choosing this diet.


Traditional Low Carb

This approach includes 50 to 100 g of carbs per day; this is where many people start because it’s less restrictive than a keto diet meal plan. It's believed to be effective regardless it's less strict approach and it works the same way as other diet plans.

low carb eggs, bacon, and pancakes

Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet takes you through four phases, starting with very-low-carb consumption and then gradually introducing more carbohydrate-rich foods throughout. If you're a type of person who likes it with a routine, this can be a structured plan for you.

A platter filled with berries

Dukan Diet 

This option also includes four phases: two weight loss and two maintenance. For instance, the first phase of the Dukan deit  focuses on high-protein foods, the second adds vegetables back in, the third allows two “celebration” meals per week, and the fourth is about keeping your weight stable.

A plate full of berries and peanuts

Paleo Diet

Another popular diet applied by celebrities and influencers, the paleo diet eliminates grains but it doesn’t mean it’s low in carbs, especially if you eat root veggies (like sweet potatoes) and fruit. Although this can also be a recommendable pattern for a meal plan, you may need to watch out on your intake.

A splurge of an orange juice

To further understand the power and effectiveness of these lowcarb meal plan diets, EnVogue Med and Wellness can fully educate you with which diets can fit you best.

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