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Low-carbs you didn't know!

What would you do if your favorite food is surprisingly low on carb?

When you think of ‘low carb’ foods, you may think of those with bland flavour or little appeal but this is where you’re wrong. As the demand for low carb foods increase, there has been a rise in satisfying low-carb friendly foods in the market. However, many everyday foods that we dismiss or don’t think about can actually be suitable for a low carb diet

People may smirk about hearing a low carb diet and eventually whine about how "boring" they're diet would become. But little do we know that low carbs aren't really that dull.

Here are some low carb diets that can be included on your next menu:

  1. BACON

Another food that has been demonised in the past is bacon. Primarily a processed meat and labelled by some as unhealthy and greasy, the majority of bacon fat is actually unsaturated.


A cheese that is also aged for a fair amount of time, goat’s cheese has similarly low carb content to brie. With less than 1g of carbs per serving (the same as Brie), goats cheese is considered to be a very low carb cheese.


Although some low-carb diets recommend not drinking alcohol at all, champagne that is dry is one of the lower carb alcoholic beverages (although not as low in carbs as low carb beer). As a general rule, the sweeter the wine, the higher the carb content.


What can you not put avocado on? Technically a fruit, avocado is low in carbs, and most of the carbs actually come from fibre. Containing potassium too, avocados provide a healthy dose of mono-saturated fatty acids.


Nuts in general are incredibly nutritious and seem to be having their time at the moment. They contain healthy fats and can be incredibly satisfying


One of the most versatile foods, eggs are amongst the healthiest foods out there. Cooked up and served in a number of ways, they contain many different nutrients.


Although you may think of Tofu as something that only vegetarians eat, it can act as a low carb and high protein substitute for meat eaters too. Tofu contains all eight essential amino acids - season well and add into salads for a low carb alternative to meat.

There are so many surprising foods out there that could help out with your diet without giving you excess weight or any related disease. If you learn how to make use of the nutrients of these food, you'll get a well-rounded diet without worrying about the carbs.

And if you're trying to look for a professional to guide you through, you can book for an appointment.

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